Many people over the years have tried to cut corners when it comes to having their perfect kitchen created only to then have serious regrets later down the line when early signs of wear and tear begin to appear.
One of the main areas that people generally cut back on is the kitchen worktops.
The fact is that this is possibly the most important part of any kitchen. Let’s think about that for a minute:


The kitchen is where you prepare all of the meals for your family. Therefore if you were to go with lesser worktops that are a lot more difficult to clean then you run the risk of bacteria attaching itself to the food that you are preparing. This could potentially cause sickness within your family which we are sure you wouldn’t want.
High quality granite and quartz worktops are designed to be easily cleaned with a solid finish that is much more resistant to damage.

Long Lasting

When put up against other kitchen worktops both granite and quartz worktops will always prove to be longer lasting because of the material that they are made with and the finish that they have.
This means that in the long term they will prove to be a much shrewder investment as you will not have to replace them where as you would be forced to with solid wood and laminate worktops.

The Look

Although you can get imitation granite worktops and the same for quartz you will still be able to tell the difference when compared.

Having either of these worktops will provide you with a much classier finish to your kitchen, leaving you much happier every time that you walk into the room.


There is no getting around the fact that you will need to spend a little more to get quality granite and quartz worktops however the long term cost will be less than using the alternatives as you would not need to have them repaired or replaced.


If you really want to get the best possible value for money then granite and quartz are the best options for you.
You will have a better look & feel, a healthier environment for your food preparation and they prove to be a better investment financially.

Why not give our team at Set In Stone a call to discuss the options available on our quality worktops so that we can recommend the very best for your home.