Silestone Integrity Sinks

Quartz is one of the hardest materials known to man, and is the most abundant material on the planet. In its natural state it consists of crystals, which can be extremely small or very large (the largest ever found weighing around 600 lbs). Colours can vary considerably, and the makeup of a particular piece of quartz will depend on a number of factors – how many millions of years ago it was formed, the temperature, pressure, and other factors such as impurities.

When produced for purposes in the home, what is referred to as quartz is actually 93% natural quartz which has been crushed, and is then mixed with resins and pigments to arrive at a surface tougher than granite and yet which can be half the weight, since it can be manufactured in thinner slabs.


Integrity Sink Options


Colour Options



One manufacturer of quartz is Silestone which has been chosen by Cosentino to produce a one-piece sink unit under the Integrity name. This is an innovative design offering all the advantages of Silestone quartz and providing a seamless unit, thus eradicating any joins and giving a finish exceedingly pleasing to the eye.

Integrity Silestone sinks are available as the Integrity One, which has curved outlines, and the Integrity Due which has a more minimalist look with straight lines and can be supplied as a single sink or a double one.


Completely Non-Porous

Of course, both models offer all of the advantages of quartz including the fact that they are totally non-porous. In practical terms, this means that you can spill anything at all on them – red wine, coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, and more, all of which will stain other surfaces – and it will have no effect whatsoever on your Silestone quartz sink. This is true even if the spill goes un-noticed for a couple of days: it will simply wipe off. In addition, Silestone quartz is extremely resistant to scratches.

Another advantage of Silestone quartz sinks is that, unlike some other materials, they never require any form of sealing. They are totally maintenance free.


Impact Resistant

Quartz is also extremely impact resistant, having twice the impact resistance of granite for example, but it is not actually indestructible. If you use heavy cast iron pans in the kitchen, it is a good idea to store them away from, or under, any quartz surfaces rather than in cupboards above. In this way, if an accident occurs and a pan is dropped from a height, it will not do any damage to the Integrity Silestone sink.

It is true that quartz is fairly heat resistant, yet hot pans direct from the oven or hob should not be placed directly on it but on a trivet or a heat pad. However, these remarks apply equally to any other type of kitchen surface or worktop, granite included. Hot water straight from the tap will have no effect of course.



Silestone Integrity quartz sinks are also totally hygienic. They contain a unique bacteriostatic formula which has been developed by Cosentino and uses the latest generation silver ions to prevent the development of any bacteria on the surface.

In addition, Silestone quartz is available in a wide range of colours to complement any kitchen décor.

The Integrity sinks come with what must be a unique guarantee. All Silestone quartz is guaranteed in writing for 25 years from the date of installation, and that guarantee is transferable to a new owner should you sell your home at some point in the future. This is an added benefit from the point of view of any prospective purchaser.

Under normal conditions, and with common sense care, Integrity Silestone sinks should last virtually forever.