Granite and Quartz Worktops Harrogate

Has your kitchen worktop lost its appeal? Or do you want to bring in a new and fresh look? Or do the images of elegant worktops in magazines bring a smile to your face? Well, if your answer to the above is YES; then its time you thought about granite and quartz worktops Harrogate. This is the best way to make your kitchen or bathroom elegant and functional. The first step you should take is talking to “Set in Stone.” We take pride in the following:

Broad Range of Designs

Like many other individuals, you are most likely find it challenging to select the right design. Which patter should I go for? What colour suits my kitchen? Will the design compliment the surrounding? Such questions will be answered by visiting our website. We have a wide range of images and galleries showcasing our latest projects. By going through them, you will get ideas on the best way to improve your worktops.

Quick Turnaround

To us, installing quality worktops is more than just the elegance and practicality. It is also about using minimal time and resource during the undertaking. Our team of professionals will be able to start work on your project as soon as you give us a call or send us an email. Our dedicated and skilled stonemasons will turn your “sorry” looking worktop into a neat masterpiece within 48 hours.


Coming up with an exquisite worktop requires a great deal of hands-on-skill. At Set in Stone, we pride ourselves for being a leader when it comes to granite and quartz worktops Harrogate. We are a family run business that has been operating for more than twenty years. Through the period, we have interacted with the best in the industry. Also, we have come to understand what the customer desires.

Quality and Durability

Worktops are used quite often. At times they will also be misused. In order to guarantee you of long service, we only use materials that are suited for the area. Granite and quartz are resistant to heat, moisture, staining and more. Quartz is even more resistant to scratches, chipping or pitting. Therefore, your kitchen top will retain its elegance for a long time.


One of the reasons that drive many people to installing worktops made from granite and quartz is the neatness as these materials are naturally beautiful. In addition, they will compliment most of the items and designs found in the home or office. We offer a wide range of designs to suit the application, environment and also your personal tastes. We can also customise a design just for you.

Having a stylish and practical worktop should no longer be a distance dream. Also, it should not cost you sleep at night. Stop feeling embarrassed or feeling inconvenienced by your kitchen or bathroom. Simply talk to us today. You may visit our website and go through the wide range of designs. You can ask for a free quote as well. The sooner you do this, the quicker you will lay your hands on stylish and durable granite and quartz worktops Harrogate. Set in Stone- when you desire stress-free quartz and granite worktops in Harrogate.