Granite and Quartz Worktops Halifax

Occasionally, you will remodel or renovate your kitchen or bathroom. One area that you will focus on is the worktops or countertops. These surfaces play a vital role in how the final appearance of your kitchen will be. Failure to install the right granite and quartz worktops Halifax will have negative appeal. Rather than applying trial and error, why don’t you talk to “Set in Stone” for all your quartz and granite surfaces, countertops and worktops?


We have been installing counter tops, bench tops, work tops and other surfaces for more than two decades. Set in Stone is a professionally run family business which has continued to grow over the years. Our goal is to offer the public quality products that are effective and reasonably priced. We always bring in new products just to satisfy the customer’s demand. In addition, we employ skilled staff who will always assist you in anyway.

Top Brands

Contrary to what many people believe, granite and quartz come in different quality. Inferior materials will last for a very short time. Also, they will be affected by the elements and frequent use. We only stock and install top brands from renowned dealers. This assures our customers of durability, elegance and user-friendliness. Some of the brands we deal in include Caesar, Compac, Cimstone, Samsung, Lunastone, and Radianz. We also go the extra mile and source for any specific type just to please our customers.

Minimal Interruption

Many people believe that fixing granite and quartz worktops Halifax is a lengthy process. They also believe that the installation process will cause interruptions in their life. Well, this is far from the truth. At Set in Stone, we try our level best not to cause any inconveniences in your life. As a matter of fact, designing the template to completing the project will take a maximum of 48 hours.


Have you been postponing the installation of the worktops because of price? If you have, then you will be amazed by our prices. Our products are of the highest quality; however, they are also the cheapest in the market. We achieve this by simply dealing with the manufacturers directly. We also have a branch network all over the UK hence we can reach any prospective customer in the shortest time possible.

Customised Service

Many people prefer having surfaces or worktops that are unique. This makes them proud of their surroundings. At Set in Stone, we always involve the customer right from the word go. Our stonemasons will come up with a template that matches the customer’s requirements however odd it may be. We believe that the customer is still “King” hence try our best to make his/her wishes reality.

The common misconception is that fixing worktops made from granite or quartz is an expensive affair. Well, the truth is that is can be quite affordable and straightforward. All you have to do is involve a company that is known for fixing granite and quartz worktops Halifax. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience simply call us. Alternatively, you send us an email and request for a free quote.