Sensa Granite Worktops

Sensa by Cosentino is a brand that offers only quality and beauty. It consists of natural granite that is maintenance-free. The manufacturer name Cosentino should mean something to you because we are speaking about most likely the worlds best know name in the stone industry, having been a player for more than 80 years. This company has proven its quality through many years of creativity and good service they provide to the customers.


Sensa Colours


The Benefits of Sensa

Silestone Sensa worktops are created from natural granite that is supplied by Cosentino. In their factory, the material is chosen and prepared. Sensa are Consentinos granite material offering, as opposed to Silestone worktops, which are the manufacturers already popular quartz alternative.

Like Quartz, Granite is a very durable and strong material, perfect for heavy use environments such as kitchens.

These products have a revolutionary treatment that allows the material to stay in good shape. The protective treatment gives stain resistance to a very high level, which was typically a problem with other Granites. The products come in a wide range of colors that you can fit in any type of interior. Because of the special protective treatment, these countertops come with a 15-year transferable warranty, which will provide you with piece of mind.

In addition to high stain resistance, Sensa has high scratch resistance, and high heat resistance too.



Silestone Sensa worktops are almost completely maintenance-free. Youreceive a 15 year warranty, which is proof of the quality of these worktops. Soap and warm water are enough to keep your countertop in good condition for years to come. However, you should avoid using bleaches, polishes andabrasive cleaners, because these are strong mixtures and they can damage your worktop or its polished finish.

Although Sensa worktops are made out of durable and strong material, in extreme cases they still can be scratched. Be sure to always use a chopping board not to damage the worktop. Granite is also sensitive to thermal shock. Do not expose your countertop to the sudden extreme temperature changes, use pan trays to protect the top from the heat. Caring for your worksurface simply requires a little helping of common sense.



Silestone Sensa worktops are well-known granite products by Cosentino. Cosentino is a company that has been at the fore of the worksurfaces industry for more than 80 years, and their name is a synonym for quality. These worktops come with a 15-year warranty, and are virtually maintenance-free. A solid choice that scores high on style and quality in any home.