Granite Worktops Barnsley

Ever wondered where you can easily get top quality granite and quartz worktops in Barnsley? Set in Stone is an established company that provides a wide range of decorative worktops specifically designed for your kitchen. Our range of worktop stones, crafted from natural stones available in different sizes and colour to fit different kitchen designs.


Granite and Quartz Worktops Barnsley

Kitchen worktops decorated from granite rocks have varying compositions of important components that provide rare properties of hardwearing, robust surfaces. It is for this reason that is important to differentiate the diverse colours of granite rocks and the composition of their components in terms of the percentage of feldspar, quartz, or mica elements they contain. The Granite rocks can be classified by looking at the percentage of Silica that is contained in the composition of the rock and therefore giving it a definite colour.


Golden Yellow Granite for your Kitchen in Barnsley

The Golden yellow Granite is considered as one of the highly attractive granite colours with some rock specialists classifying this rock as ‘’a perfect fit for making jewellery’’. These granite rocks are rare to find with little deposits found at the highlands of Chile and the coastal towns of Mexico. The percentage of silica mineral in the yellow Granite composition is slightly below 71% making it one of the finely textured Granite rocks you can find in the market. The percentage of Potassium Feldspar, Mica, Hornblende, and other minerals make up the remaining 29% of the composition of the Golden yellow Granite. It is because of these reasons that you should not fail to decorate your home kitchen with the golden yellow granite. Decorating your kitchen top with such heavy-duty granite compositions not only provides long-lasting solutions, but also in a unique way help to bring in a sense of fashion to your kitchen décor.

Brown Granite Worktops Blended with Flowery Artistry for your kitchen

So you are not a fan of bright colours in your kitchen? Okay, you can easily achieve a dry outlook while at the same time chip in beautiful decorations of flowery artistry by making use of the top rated brown granite worktops for modern kitchens. With silica content of 74%, the brown Granite is perhaps the most durable of the known granite gems. The brown granite is mainly used in office and factory floor finishing. Other uses include the building ceilings and kitchen decorations, although not highly recommended because of the high density of the Beige granite. The origin of the brown granite is in the Highlands of Chile and India, where large deposits of this valuable rock product have been discovered. The brown granite is emerging as an essential decorator in most modern kitchens.

Set in Stone provides beautifully crafted granite and quartz worktops in Barnsley at relatively low prices. The systematic method used in the calculation of the prices is designed to ensure that you get real value for your money by purchasing top-notch decorators for your kitchen surfaces. Residents of Barnsley and the surrounding areas can now buy and install granite and quartz worktops beautifully crafted from natural stones, thanks to the services offered by Set in Stone contractors.