When choosing your kitchen worktop there are so many different options available that people are often a little confused as to which is the best route to take. Because of this we thought that we would write a quick blog to answer on of the most common questions for people that are trying to make this decision –


Should I go for a granite or laminate worktop?

Let’s look at this in parts so that you can get a good comparison.


In the short term laminate worktops wins this one hands down but in the long term granite worktops often prove to be a much better investment.

Laminate worktops are cheaper but could very well need replacing (more on this in the next section) whereas granite worktops are much more long lasting so once they are purchased they could very well last for life.


Granite certainly leads the way on this one. Granite worktops are resistant to chips and scratches and as long as they are maintained according to the instructions you are given then it really is very difficult to damage them at all. They are also one of the hardest stones in the world which means that their durability is almost unsurpassed.

Laminate on the other hand is not nearly as durable and is prone to scratches with regular use. This could mean that over the years they become unhygienic and you will want to replace them in order to protect the health of your family.


Usually this would put laminate in the lead but due to the fact that Set In Stone complete all of the preparation work in our state of the art workshops it makes the installation of granite worktops a lot faster with no mess. This one is a tie.


Much like durability the granite worktops win this one with ease. They are built to withstand a lot more abuse and as such will stand the test of time more than the competition.


Granite worktops overall come out on top in this one.

They are more durable and will last a lot longer which means that once they are fitted you can sit back and enjoy them without having to worry about damaging or replacing them.


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