Granite and Quartz Worktops Sheffield

Is it time to replace your old kitchen worktop? Do you want to invest in high quality granite and quartz worktops Sheffield? You have come to the right place as Set in Stone is the number one place to deliver quality artisanship to your kitchen in Sheffield

Granite Samples

Making the choice between a worktop is made easy for you with our listed product page. Samples of our beautiful worktops are available with the only difficulty making a selection is the variety available to you.

Past and recent projects completed to give you an idea of what your kitchen can look like when choosing one of our worktops in our gallery.

Granite Worktops near Sheffield

We call on homeowners in Sheffield and around Sheffield to give us a call for quick response and an instant quote with no fees or obligations. We offer very competitive prices as well as our price match promise, this means we promise to match any quote you previously received or beat the genuine quote cheaper than ours. That is our promise and guarantee to you, so do not delay but request your free quote or fill in our online form.

Granite Worktops Sheffield

Being a reputable family business with twenty-year experience in the industry, Set in Stone has an extensive history and thousands of happy clients throughout the years. Approved fabricators of fine stoneware such as Lunastone Quartz, Samsung Radianz Quartz, Caesarstone and much more.

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Using our speedy service in the Sheffield area ensures your kitchen is transformed into your dream within two days. Professionals with years of service are ready to install your granite or quarts worktop of your choice with minimum fuss and no hassle.

Granite and Quarts Worktops Sheffield

When looking at countertops for your kitchen to use, the best option when comparing materials is granite vs. quartz. Granite use to be the number one selling natural stone but quartz gains ground for good reason.

Looking at durability is your main concern as to which will stand up to daily use and often abuse these surfaces go through. Granite is very strong, resisting chipping and cracking very well. Quartz however, resists even better as it rates higher on the hardness scale.

Looking at stain-resistance both are equally good, with Quartz gaining ground as a non-porous material, repelling most common stains. Granite requires very little maintenance to remain stain-resistant with sealing once a year.

Both granite and quartz are very safe surfaces to work on and the most important consideration in making a choice between them is attractiveness. In this regard, it is a matter of opinion and personal taste.

Granite and quartz worktops are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. With granite, however seams are close to impossible to hide, as with quartz, which is an engineered surface making concealment easier with darker colours.

Both materials are heavy and hard to handle and calling the professionals of Set in Stone, reduces risks of fissuring, breaking and chipping.