Granite And Quartz Worktops Lincoln

Granite and quartz worktops Lincoln have served a great market of clients with a prestigious classy outlook as well as provided the home users with an epic easy to clean surface especially for the kitchen surfaces. There are several unique designs and surface colours as innovated by the Set in stone company with their granite and quartz work tops products.

About Granite worktops

Granite work tops create a sophisticated elegance in your environment that relinquish dull mornings and simply brighten your daily moods. They are made from cutting down the quarried blocks that are not suitable to be made into same size slabs and have a very strong solid surface. They can be expensive in comparison to other types of worktops but are cheaper than the solid slab surface work tops and this is favourable, especially since the solid granite worktops do offer the same high quality services as the solid slab surface worktops.

The solid granite worktops are great to work up a new look on your kitchen as they have a high resistance on heat and can thus be placed near the stove and cookers. The design can be plain or also mixed with the use of the common materials such as laminate or wood that will enhance the beauty and unique style of the kitchen environment. There are two main types of solid granite worktops to choose from and they include:

  1. Consistent granite worktops. These granite work tops come with an epic look of having the same colour throughout the entire slab surface. They also come at a lower price due to the advantage of the fitting in smaller blocks of the granite surface.
  2. Variegated granite worktops. These granite worktops come in marble looking vein like colours that vary in both tones and thickness. They are more expensive than the consistent granite due to its initial manufacturing structure of creating large slabs which requires more care in the installation and general care of the slab surface.

Quartz worktops

These work tops are manufactured by mixing 93% of naturally mined pure quartz material with seven percent of other man- made materials such as resin, decorative pieces, and colour. The quartz worktops are manufactured in a variety of colours giving each new client the opportunity to fully explore their personal tastes and preferences. They are well known for their versatile, hard wearing surface that are high durable and can be polished to give it an extra glowing surface beyond its original outlook. It is very easy to clean the quartz worktops are best suited for the kitchen that is normally the busiest room in the house.

All you need is to wipe clean the surface with a clean cloth and you do not have to worry about scrubbing the surface to get food stains off. If you do feel the need to clean using a detergent you will only need to use one that is mild in order to not affect the surface of the worktop with harsh chemicals. It is also cheap to maintain as it does not primarily require to be polished and easily dries very fast on its own.

The granite and quartz worktops Lincoln are a great choice in the overall enhancement of both the quality of your environment and life.