Granite and Quartz Worktops in Durham

If you are finding a suitable worktop for your kitchen in Durham County then Set In Stone can provide you Granite and Quartz Worktops Durham at a very reasonable price. Our prices are really low due to our low costs.

Granite worktops Durham

If you are planning to install Granite worktop in your kitchen or bathroom while living in or around Durham county then you should not hesitate in sending us an email or calling at our toll free number to get more information along with free quotation in this regard.

Quartz worktops Durham

Quartz worktops are also popular among budgetary people as granite worktops are normally chosen by the owners of luxurious kitchens due to their higher price. Quartz worktops are stronger than granite worktops and also provide the beauty of natural stone. Set in Stone also guarantees the quality of their Quartz worktops.

Granite or Quartz worktops in Durham

Set In Stone is a family ran business with 20 years worth of experience. You can use the services of our extremely trained professionals to install granite and quartz worktops in Durham or in any of the surrounding villages.

Fast granite or quartz worktop installation service

You can take advantage of the fast installation service of our professionals if you live in or around Durham. Our skilled craftsmen can accomplish your worktop installation project from beginning to end within 48 hours depending on the size of the job.

Difference between granite and quartz worktops Durham

Granite worktops are made from natural rock after quarrying them deep in the earth, whereas quartz is a manmade material which is made by mixing 95% natural quartz into 5% of glass and resin and casting it with the help of latest techniques. The quartz worktops are stronger than granite worktops as they are made from a  much stronger material. Granite worktops require consistent maintenance due to their micro-porous texture whereas no maintenance is required for quartz worktops as they are stain resistant. Granite worktops need to be sealed and polished after every 6-12 months depending upon their colour and texture whereas no polishing is required on quartz worktops. Granite worktops are ideal for sophisticated places where looks are more important than their use whereas quartz worktops are ideal for busier working environment.

Set In Stone can install granite and quartz worktops Durham as per your choice and budget.