Dekton Kitchen Worktops


Dekton is right on the cutting edge of worksurface technology. It is created using Sinterized Particle Technology, which is a highly technical way of applying high temperatures and pressure to produce one of the most durable worksurface materials available today. The surface itself is manufactured by Consentino, a Spanish material producer well know in the worktops industry for also producing Silestone. 


What are the benefits of Dekton?

Dekton is manufactured to exacting standards with one end goal in mind; to create an intensely durable material, suitable for heavy use environments. Dekton is completely non-porous which means that harmful germs and bacteria are unable to take stronghold on its surface. This can be very important in a busy kitchen environment, protecting all of the family from harm. Being non-porous also brings another important benefit – protection against staining, a must have in the kitchen.


Dekton Colours

Dekton worktops are available in over 30 colours. Explore the Dekton range below and get in touch as soon as you are ready for a quote.


Dekton Solid Range


Dekton Natural Range


Dekton Tech Range


Dekton Wild Range


Dekton X-Gloss Range