Compac Quartz Worktops

If you love the beauty of solid Marmol and Quartz then allow us to introduce our magnificent Marmol Compac and Quartz Compac Worktops. Embracing the concept of “engineered stone”, they open up a world of possibilities in any kitchen.

compac-quartz1Our Quartz and Marmol Compac worktops have all the beauty and benefits of real stone, but have been engineered so that rock aggregate is combined with 10% resin, creating a work surface that is light, durable and hard wearing. The specialised technology allows endless varieties of texture and colour, giving the look and feel of the original.

However, we at Set In Stone can assure you that Marmol Compac is no trendy newcomer. It was created back in 1975, in a response to a need for worktops with all the strength and aesthetic beauty of marble, but with zero porosity and exceptional resistance to stains and bacteria.

Quartz Compac, developed shortly after, has the unique glint of Quartz rock – but, like Marmol, have none of the veins, cracks or other imperfections of the original. This means our Quartz and Marmol Compac worktops can be cut, shaped and polished with precision. They also have the advantage that worktops match our samples exactly, whatever colour you decide on.

Colour? Yes! The unique composition of Marmol and Quartz Compac means any number of effects is possible. We have beautiful Marmol Compac worktops that mimic real Marble in exquisite detail. And we have glistening Quartz Compac in a range of trendy colours. The possibilities for your kitchen are endless.

Compac Quartz Colours

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