Obviously when choosing a company to provide you with a granite or quartz worktop you firstly need to be confident that their products are top class but then what? In this blog let’s have a look at some of the other factors that you should consider.

Quality Results

The right materials are one thing but they are only going to look truly special if the installation is completed perfectly. Set In Stone have some of the best granite and quartz worktop installers in the country and we make sure that every job is completed like our lives depend on it. The staff are trained to deliver perfection every time and nothing less will ever be acceptable.

Customer Satisfaction

Before signing on the dotted line you need to make sure that you are happy with every aspect of the agreement. We encourage all of our potential customers to voice any questions that they have regardless of how trivial they might seem at the time. We like o make sure that you are completely happy and aware of everything before proceeding.


Clearly price is a very important factor but what you really need to consider is that the price is right for both the short and long term.

Set In Stone remain competitive whilst also offering superior products that will be much more durable and long lasting. Because of this we offer great value for money in the short term and even better value for money in the long term.


If you don’t have a good feeling about the staff that you are dealing with then that could cause major problems later on down the line. You need to feel confident in the people as well as the company itself. The team at Set In Stone pride ourselves on being friendly, professional and approachable to help to set your mind at ease.

Pre-Sales Support

The support that you receive before you make a purchase is almost as important as the support that you receive afterwards. Our customer service staff always go out of their way to make sure that all of our potential customers have everything that they need.

After Sales Support

There is nothing worse than making a purchase from a company and then never being able to get in touch with them again if you have a question or a problem.

We are unique amongst granite worktops and quartz worktops suppliers in the sense that we offer 24 hour customer service. We know it’s unlikely that you will ever have a question in the middle of the night but if you do then just give us a call and let us set your mind at ease.

Your decision on choosing the right company probably won’t come down to just one or two of these factors but rather a combination of a number of them.


Set In Stone would love to hear from you to help make that decision just a little bit easier. Why not give us a call today?