Here at Set In Stone we listen to our customer and try to improve our products and services based on the feedback that we get.

One of the biggest issues for any granite and quartz worktop company is that customers detest the mess that is often created during the fitting and finishing process and if we’re honest it is something that we have never liked either.

With a standard installation the worktops arrive and need to be cut to measure and then worked on in the customers’ home to make sure that the end product is perfect. Doing this means that there is no getting around the mess which can be extremely frustrating and time consuming to clean up. Even after the initial cleaning the worktops will often require further cleaning as the dust settles.

Set In Stone have taken this feedback on board and we have used it to massively improve and also speed up the installation process.

Once a customer has agreed for us to complete the work one of our expert team visits the customer to take precise measurements and get the exact specification. This allows us to then complete all of the messy work at our state of the art workshop and deliver the granite and quartz worktops the your home, ready for a quick and almost mess free installation.

Our faster installations as a result of this process are much more convenient for customers and means that you do not have to take a whole day or more away from your other commitments to supervise the workers.

Overall, we have found that our off site preparation leaves our customers with a much higher level of satisfaction and allows them to really enjoy the granite or quartz worktop that they have paid for.
If you would like a free no obligation quote for a kitchen worktop in either quartz or granite then give us a call today and take the first steps to having your perfect kitchen.