About Us

Set in Stone York is a family run business with a proud history of supplying householders and businesses with quality worktops in the finest stoneware such as Compac Marmol, Compac Quartz, Caesarstone and Cimstone.  Set in Stone York have more than ten years’ experience of supplying and fitting bespoke granite and quartz kitchen worktops. A range of locations throughout the UK have all benefitted from our superlative worktop stone sourcing and installation service. Our extensive list of testimonials from overjoyed customers offers an enticing hint of what we can do to magically transform your kitchen or bathroom.

Our one day installation service gives you exactly what you want – high quality, affordable kitchen worktops installed and finished on-site in just one day. We use state of the art cutting and polishing tools using water feeds and diamond blades.  Set in Stone York is the only on-site approved installer for Compac and Caesarstone.  We have three specialist fitting teams, including two bench masons, and we have extra labour available on-hand for larger projects.

Only the best stone is used for our worktops

At Set in Stone York we are approved suppliers of worktops constructed from the highest grade granite, top-branded Compac Marmol and Compac Quartz.  Nationwide householders who love granite but desire a more controlled colour and pattern with minimum maintenance, have simply fallen in love with our worktops made from the enhanced tougher stoneware Compac Quartz. Meanwhile, those who adore the look and feel of marble, have benefitted from worktops made from our more hardwearing and stain-resistant marble-based stoneware, Compac Marmol.

We use premium grade quartz and granite which we source from the best suppliers all over the World so we can give you the highest quality and best value kitchen worktops. We can also offer you high quality sinks and taps which have been uniquely designed by the leading experts. At Set in Stone we refuse to compromise on offering you anything other than exceptional material at the most affordable price.

At Set in Stone York we share the unique dreams you have for your kitchen. Regardless of the size or shape of your room we can advise on the most suitable worktops for your needs. We offer the widest choice in colours and styles for you to peruse, and are always able to supply real stone samples for you to examine in the comfort of your own home.

Set in Stone York – Guaranteed Peace of Mind

At Set in Stone York your satisfaction is our highest priority. Whether you are: a purchaser of worktops made from granite, Compac Quartz or Compac Marmol; Humberside-based, Yorkshire-based or further afield; our customer care package is second to none. Whatever the product and wherever you live we are always at the end of a dedicated 24-hour customer service telephone line ready to help with any inquiries.